What We Sell

We stock things that you might intend to buy as a gift and then keep for yourself!

An eclectic and regularly changing range of speciality foods, ingredients and things related to food and cooking, crockery and gifts, local cheeses, cookbooks, our Caracoli Kitchen packaged foods, whole beans and ground coffee, mugs and teapots.

Gail Nichols is our retail buyer and her selection process for Caracoli means that every product must taste fantastic and look lovely.  She searches out new and unusual products but also gives old favourites done really well plenty of shelf space.

Displays are changed regularly to reflect the seasons or to celebrate new products, ideas or special occasions. Suppliers often visit for in store tastings which are very popular with our customers and give us a chance to showcase their wonderful products. 

Our Caracoli Kitchen range was developed so that customers could take home the food they enjoyed in the store. Many of our classics, such as the Hampshire ale cake and cereal bar are Great Taste Award winners.