Serving exceptional coffee is the foundation of what we do at Caracoli. The word ‘caracoli’ is the name for a particularly highly prized coffee bean which develops singly inside the coffee cherry where normally there are two. As there is only a single bean the flavour is concentrated and this is what makes them special.

Our coffee is roasted and blended by Mozzo coffee and our delicious House blend is used for the coffee we make in every store. 

Because we want our customers to  enjoy great tasting coffee at home we also sell three types of coffee beans which are ground to customer specifications.  They are all 100% Arabica beans and are: House blend, Single estate and House decaffeinated.

Tasting Notes

House blend is a sweet, smooth bodied coffee with notes of nuts and dark chocolate

Single estate is a full bodied, sweet coffee with moderated acidity, and a long lasting caramel finish

House decaffeinated is a well balanced coffee with moderate acidity and notes of cocoa. 

Countries of origin

Our House blend coffee is the corner stone of coffee served at Caracoli.  It is 100% Arabica and a blend of beans from Brazil (50%) Colombia (30%) and Honduras (20%). Single estate is 100% Colombian and House Decaffeinated is 100% Brazil.

Fazienda Palmital is located in one of the best regions for coffee growing in Brazil near the town of Cabo Verde south of Minas Gerais.  It is currently farmed by the third generation of the same family and they have 200 hectares of coffee.

The crop is handpicked then processed in a modern wet mill, predried in the sun on drying patios before being dried in mechanical driers – a combination of traditional and modern production methods. The beans are then rested in wooden silos before the removal of the last layers of dry skin (dry milling) cleaning, sorting and export.

Our Colombian beans are grown in the mountains of north west Cauca state at Cundinamarca Suarez.  The owner operates to high standards with strict productivity and efficiency parameters which ensure that customers, employees, shareholders and the community all benefit. Quality is assured through the use of appropriate technology such as humidity indicators, hydrometers, screen sets, sample roasters and mills. Everything is tasted by the owner before being sent for export or to the domestic market.

20% of House blend comes from the Liquidambar Farm in the San Marcos region of Honduras.  The farm is managed with both respect for the environment and the staff who enjoy excellent working conditions. The beans are handpicked then washed and pulped before being sent to a sun drying plant – this process takes 12 -15 days.  When 12% humidity is reached the coffee is sent to Beneficio Santa Rosa and the export process is finalized.  Coffee waste is used to make organic fertiliser.

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