Our Philosophy

Caracoli food Store and Coffee Shop grew from a passion for and dedication to outstanding food and coffee and a wish to share this with others.

Food and drink served in the Coffee Shop is of exceptional quality and freshness as it is made daily in our own kitchens.

We aim high, even with the simplest thing we want it to be the best. For example our classic brownie is made with just five ingredients: butter, soft brown sugar, chocolate, flour and eggs – baked for just the right amount of time so that it stays a bit fudgy on the inside, it is pure indulgent chocolateyness.

How something tastes is always top of our list but the old adage ‘you eat first with your eyes’ is true so we love to serve great looking food.

We have some favourites that do not leave our menu but we aim for seasonality too, especially with our soups, salads, sandwiches and quiches.  We are members of Hampshire Fare and love to use local ingredients and sell food products made within the counties of Hampshire and Surrey.

Gail Nichols is the buyer for the Food Store and she looks for originality, high quality, delicious tasting foods and gifts that have been attractively packaged.  She fully supports local producers but also looks for inspiration further afield.