About Caracoli

Inspired by their travels in Australia and South Africa and the food and drink they enjoyed there Gail and Chris Nichols decided to realise their dream of opening a similar business here in the UK.

The idea was to create a Coffee shop and Food Store serving the very best coffee, freshly baked cakes, and seasonal lunches whilst also offering customers a store selling wonderful specialist foods and food related gifts. The perfect site became available in the Georgian market town of Alresford in Hampshire and the doors of the first Caracoli opened in November 2005. 

An early challenge was finding a name that could represent the ethos of the business. ‘Caracoli’ is a coffee bean which develops singly inside the coffee cherry where normally there are two.  Because there is only a single bean the flavour is concentrated and caracoli beans are highly prized. The choice of  ‘Caracoli’ was a great starting point because it encapsulates something out of the ordinary that has exceptional taste and it was these qualities that they wanted to capture.    

For first time visitors, a little tip for pronunciation is that it rhymes with tea not rye! The Coffee Shops are vibrant, welcoming places where you can enjoy exceptionally good coffee, treat yourself to delicious freshly baked cakes, meet friends for a healthy lunch, catch up on emails, hold informal business meetings or have Sunday brunch with the family.

Alongside and integral to the Coffee Shop is the Food Store. Here you will find carefully selected chutneys, oils, cheese biscuits, pasta, sauces, chocolates and a range of local cheeses – a sort of treasure trove of delicatessen foods. In addition we sell a colourful array of kitchenware and china, cookbooks, and gifts for food lovers.

We source these products from around the world with particular loyalty to local producers and often seeking out foods that are not available in supermarkets and therefore supporting smaller producers. One thing that never changes is that we will only sell something if we think it is delicious or beautiful and something our customers will love.




Since launching our range of Caracoli Kitchen products in 2009, we have won 20 Great Taste Awards with 2017 marking the first time we have won the highest and most coveted 3 star award for our London Porter Cake, an accolade we are very proud of. 

Other examples of our winners are Alreaford egg, Orange, almond and chocolate cake, Triple Ginger cake, Cereal bar, Breakfast muffin and Hampshire ale cake – delicious things you will find in our stores today.  2012 was also a big year as we won the Telegraph magazine ‘Best small shop award’ in the food category.

A number of these award winning products can be ordered directly from our Caracoli Kitchen, E: